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Insurance Lawyers in Coral Gables FL

Navigating the world of insurance is challenging, and insurance companies expect you to jump through several hoops to get your claims paid. Unfortunately, even when you comply with the insurance company’s requests, your otherwise valid claim may still get denied. Has that happened to you or someone you know? If so, you need the best insurance lawyer in Coral Gables to guide you through the murky waters of an unpaid or denied claim to ensure you can access the insurance benefits you pay for and deserve.

What Is An Insurance Lawyer?

An insurance lawyer in Coral Gables, FL, like our team at Moises|Gross, are specialists in denied and disputed claims and represent you, the policyholder, in getting your wrongfully denied or underpaid claim properly covered. When you’ve had an issue with your claim and feel overwhelmed by the process your insurance company is putting you through, that’s where we step in.

When you work with an insurance law firm, they will start with a free consultation, gather detailed information about your claim or case, and then get to work fighting for the policy benefits owed to you. You’ll receive representation from an experienced Coral Gables, FL insurance attorney familiar with federal, state, and local laws as they apply to your unique situation, increasing your chances of winning your case. Insurance lawyers, like the Moises|Gross team are professionals willing to go the extra mile to bring your case to a successful close, resulting in a covered claim and offering expert advice and support along the way.

Getting A Lawyer to Help With Your Claim

There are many reasons you may need to hire a Florida insurance dispute attorney like Moises|Gross, but there are three reasons that we commonly see.

Denied Claims

There are many reasons for denied claims.

The insurance company may deny your claim as a matter of policy to limit the number of claims they have to pay at any given time. They may also deny your claim for what they believe is a valid reason, but their reasoning is incorrect when looking at your policy. After all, the decision as to whether or not to cover your claim (or even how much to pay for a covered claim) ultimately gets decided by a person, and people are subject to making mistakes.

Sometimes insurance companies deny your claim due to inadequate coverage. When you purchased your policy, the insurance agent may not have clearly explained your policy to you and the coverages you were receiving, meaning the coverage you thought you had is not the coverage you actually have. You may pay the lowest premium possible, but your coverage may be inadequate. Unfortunately, it’s usually not until you file a claim that you learn about the pitfalls of your insurance policy that you weren’t previously warned about.

After receiving your denied claim, you quickly learn about your policy’s exclusions, limitations, and/or endorsements. Standard exclusions include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-existing damage
  • Wear, tear, and deterioration
  • Constant and repeated seepage or leakage
  • Damage resulting from neglect
  • Damage due to improper maintenance
  • Damage caused by a loss not covered by the policy

Every insurance company is responsible for abiding by the terms of the policyholder’s policy, which is a contract between the insured and the insurance company. However, we’ve seen insurers violate the terms of the agreement, leaving their property owners struggling to recover what they’ve lost. If you received a denied or underpaid claim, Moises|Gross, an insurance coverage law firm, will fight for the compensation that is rightfully yours under the terms of your policy.

Underpaid Claims

In another scenario, the insurance company pays the claim, but they misvalue the cost to repair or replace your damaged property, resulting in underpayment. Insurers may underestimate the cost of repairs or refuse to pay for a necessary portion of the repairs.

When you receive an underpaid claim, we’ll try to determine your insurance company’s decision by reviewing your policy and the claimed damages. We’ll ask your insurer for evidence on how they calculated their monetary offer, what is included as covered, what it rejected coverage for, the reasons why coverage was denied, and any other evidence in support of its decision the insurance company may have. If they used bad-faith claims handling tactics against you, we’ll uncover the truth and resolve your unpaid claim.

Delayed Claims

Some insurance companies leave you waiting for months, sometimes years before you finally get informed of their decision regarding your claim. Insurance companies postpone payment, hoping you’ll get frustrated with the process and accept whatever they decide to pay. Instead of waiting around while they decide, working with an attorney can help accelerate the process.

Get Your Claim Resolved

Don’t let a denied, underpaid, or unnecessarily delayed claim discourage you because there is hope. Your insurance claim lawyer in Coral Gables FL from Moises|Gross will determine why your insurance company didn’t adjust your claim appropriately and will devise a strategy to ensure that you receive the full benefits you pay for and your insurance policy affords. We’ll represent you at any stage of filing a claim with your insurance company or court proceedings (such as hearings, depositions, mediations, etc.) until your insurance company complies with the insurance policy’s terms and properly covers your claim.

At Moises|Gross, we understand how frustrated our clients feel when they come to us with a denied, underpaid, or unnecessarily delayed insurance claim. We take your insurance claims personally as if they were our property. That’s why we are a top insurance fraud lawyer in Coral Gables.

Why Choose Moises|Gross As Your Insurance Claim Lawyer

Moises|Gross is on your side. We evaluate each claim and/or case for free, and if we decide to take your case, there is absolutely no upfront cost to you. If we lose, then it costs you nothing. We take on the risk and absorb the cost entirely. If we win, the insurance company is legally obligated to pay all of your attorneys’ fees and costs in addition to your damages.

With over 75 years of combined litigation experience, our team is ready to take on any case where your insurance company has not given you the monetary compensation you are entitled to under your policy. The unparalleled expertise and dedication we bring to the table sets us apart from our competitors. We offer our clients professional service, honesty, integrity, and an endless commitment to resolving your issue.

The outcome of your case matters to us. We create a personal connection with each client, and the lines of communication stay open. You’ll never get left in the dark about your case, and can call us anytime if you have questions or concerns. Our insurance attorneys in Coral Gables and staff will always return your phone calls if not immediately available. You’ll always have access to your lawyer, paralegal, and the team working on your case. You may even work directly with the managing partners who actively participate in and oversee the litigation of the cases firsthand. When you work with Moises|Gross, that’s exactly who you get, along with our entire team of qualified professionals.

Our goal is to deliver results consistently and maintain a successful track record. We want to see you get the resolution you deserve. Over the years, we have:

  • Recovered over 100 million dollars withheld from our clients
  • Resolved over 4,000 wrongfully denied claims, finding coverage for our clients
  • Successfully handled over 7,000 unique cases, producing thousands of satisfied clients
  • No complaints against us were filed with The Florida Bar

We ensure our clients receive the benefits they’re owed so they can restore their property,  move on from the ordeal of dealing with their insurance company, and get their lives back as they knew it before their situation began.

Begin the Journey to Settle Your Insurance Claims

If your insurance company is not upholding its end of the bargain, let us put our claims handling and litigation experience to work for you. We work with your insurance company on your behalf to secure the total compensation owed to you according to the terms of your policy and your specific situation. 
Call Moises|Gross and get a free consultation and/or insurance policy review without any obligation or associated cost.

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